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Analyzer I

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Description:   This optimization tool compares, contrasts and ranks words for promotional media. A tool that pinpoints emering words for unlocking the buying code of potential customers. It enhances the renown IMC messaging process. This proven process enhances metetags, direct mailers, multi-media, banners, scripting and other promotional copy to increase conversion/closing ratio. This tool and process is more accurate than using a thesaruses, organic method, or pay per click and other published data for that "right" word. Not to say that these sources are bad but there is a better proven way to find words that your competitiors are not using yet are crucial to potential customer's needs. Analyzer I provides a unique power ranking system for words. It points to words or phrases that unlock the buying code of potential customers. Comparing, contrasting and then ranking your company messaging to vast amounts of competitior messaging is now possible. Try to do it with pencil, pad and calculator-it is impossible. Don't leave it to chance. See at our website. Now available online.

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